Healing Benefits

Eliminating negative traits opens up your true life potential and gives you back control of your world.

Negative traits adversely affect our mental, emotional and physical levels of energy causing us to become unhappy, exhausted and disillusioned with people and even our own existence. As an experienced practitioner with 25 years of counselling, hypno-therapy and activating support groups, I am able to confidently facilitate and guide you through the Emotional Reset experience.


Eradicating a negative trait can only occur when you really listen to the root cause of what your body and psyche reveals. You must recognize, understand and take responsibility for your actions, emotions and behaviours. Once you establish that you are in charge then you can move on to take control and start to respond to life proactively. As reacting to life is always irrational and keeps us entangled in a web of fear and anxiety.

Eliminating negative traits known as identities may have many positive side effects that are totally unforeseen as they are often deeply hidden.  The benefits are numerous and varied for different people as each negative identity carries unique traits which may carry associations with other negative personality issues ingrained in displays such as irrational anxiety, phobias and other disorders.

The Emotional Reset experience can be effective in eliminating:

  • stress and worry
  • anxiety and irrational fears
  • depression
  • addictions and compulsions
  • phobias and disorders

The Emotional Reset experience can be effective in improving:

  • self esteem
  • self confidence
  •  relationship building
  • decision making
  • physical health
  • weight loss
  • learning and study problems